Our Vision

For NTIBN to be recognised and widely acknowledged by business, industry and government as the peak body for NT Indigenous business.

Our Mission

For NTIBN to provide business support, service provision, policy input and advice, network and promotion of Northern Territory businesses.

Our Purpose

To strengthen the capacity of Indigenous Businesses and bring a representative voice to issues affecting Indigenous Businesses in the Northern Territory.

The NTIBN or Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network, is just that. A group of Indigenous businesses working together to create more opportunity and a greater potential for Indigenous business in the Northern Territory.

As the peak body representing Northern Territory Indigenous business, the NTIBN offers members organisational development, industry-based development, business support, collaborative and promotional opportunities, and can even help to link businesses up with training and personal development opportunities. The NTIBN exists to support current and emerging Indigenous businesses in their journey to success through programs that work by focusing on strengths, and how they can be used by Indigenous business owners and entrepreneurs to further their futures in business

The Board of NTIBN

Position Name Business
Chairperson Jason Jones Rusca Developments
Deputy Chairperson Steven Ludwig Yarren Industrial
Treasurer Steven Dhu Aboriginal United Services
Secretary Renee Long Kulainda Advisory Service
Public Officer Jason Davies Wuna
Board Member Michael Rotumah ACES
Board Member Steven Ludwig   Yarren Industrial
Board Member Jess Wishart  Kere to Country
Board Member Jess Risk AKJ Services Pty Ltd
Ex-officio Lauren Ganley Telstra
Regional Board Member Currently Vacant
Regional Board Member Currently Vacant