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The Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network (NTIBN) hosts a range of key local and national events that attract attendees from all over, including certified Indigenous-owned businesses and Ally members, Territory and Commonwealth Government dignitaries, industry leaders, and key investors.

These events provide an opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and promoting Indigenous business and entrepreneurship.

NTIBN events showcase the achievements of Indigenous businesses, facilitate connections between businesses and potential partners, and provide a platform for discussing issues affecting Indigenous businesses in the Northern Territory.

By hosting these events, NTIBN is driving economic growth and promoting the success of Indigenous businesses in the region.


Blak Business Awards

The Blak Business Awards will be held on Friday 11 August 2023 at the Mindil Beach Casino Resort. This highly anticipated event is a chance to highlight and celebrate the success of Northern Territory Blak Businesses, as well as recognize their importance to the region’s economy.

The venue’s stunning location adds to the glamour of the evening and provides a perfect backdrop for the Blak Business community to come together and showcase their accomplishments. Attendees can look forward to a night of networking, entertainment, and inspiration as they celebrate Aboriginal excellence in business.

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Barefoot Business & Blak Coffee

These events provide a platform for members to engage with one another, discuss upcoming developments in policy landscapes and new initiatives, and participate in industry briefings. The events also include a speaker’s corner, which allows participants to hear from experts in various fields and engage in discussions around pertinent issues.

The member engagement sessions provide an opportunity for members to share their views, feedback, and ideas for future events and initiatives.

Overall, the NTIBN’s networking events play a crucial role in supporting the growth and development of Aboriginal businesses and entrepreneurs in the Northern Territory.


Member Showcase

The National Indigenous Business Network (NTIBN) offers Member Showcase Events, allowing certified Indigenous businesses to showcase and promote their ventures. These events provide a platform for local businesses to increase their visibility and customer base and enable the public to discover the diverse offerings of Indigenous businesses.

By supporting these events, individuals can help Indigenous businesses thrive and foster economic growth in Indigenous communities. Overall, Member Showcase Events are a unique and valuable opportunity to learn about and support Indigenous businesses.

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The Aboriginal Economic Development Forum (AEDF)

The Aboriginal Economic Development Forum, held biennially since 2003, is a large event for Aboriginal businesses and entrepreneurs in Australia to showcase their products and services to key stakeholders. In October 2021, the 10th forum was hosted in Alice Springs by the NTIBN, attracting 350 participants from across the Territory and nation.

Over 150 Aboriginal organizations, small to medium businesses, corporate organizations, government decision-makers, and non-Indigenous business partners and allies were represented. This successful event provided a valuable platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and building partnerships to promote economic development in Aboriginal communities.


Indigenous International Investment & Trade Summit

The Indigenous International Investment and Trade Summit, brings together Indigenous companies, investors, and deal makers from around the world to promote investment and trade opportunities in various sectors.

It will showcase Indigenous businesses in sustainable land management, carbon markets, renewable energy, tourism, Indigenous foods and botanicals, and creative industries. The event will take place in Darwin, providing a gateway to the Indo-Pacific region and the world. The summit has the potential to create a significant impact on the economic growth and development of Indigenous businesses by providing access to global trade and investment opportunities.

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Interested in Event Sponsorship Opportunities?

If you are interested in exploring event sponsorship opportunities with NTIBN, we would be happy to discuss your needs and how we can help you achieve your goals. By partnering with NTIBN, you will play an important role in supporting the growth and success of Indigenous businesses and contribute to a brighter future for Indigenous communities.

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Event Sponsorship Opportunities

NTIBN host a range of key local and national events that attract attendees from all over including our certified Indigenous owned businesses and Ally members, Territory and Commonwealth Government dignitaries, industry peaks and key investors.

Blak Business Awards

Barefoot Business Event

Blak Coffee Event

Members Showcase Event

Aboriginal Economic Development Forum

Indigenous International Investment & Trade Summit

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